Safari Cyprus

You can choose a jeep safari Cyprus trip with a professional driver or a self-drive group quad or buggy bike safari trip with a professional to guide you. We offer different tours so that everyone can choose their preferred one based on different attractions and the length of each tour.

Enjoy an off-road bumpy ride around Akamas peninsula and experience unique adrenaline feelings. Visit the must-see attractions at Akamas and explore the impressive flora and fauna that is everywhere to be found.

Experience the whole safari Cyprus adventure whilst enjoying breathtaking views and learning new information about Cyprus. Our experienced drivers/guides will answer all your questions and enlighten you on the history and nature of Cyprus and Akamas in particular.

Jeep Safari Tours

Discover the rocky Akamas Peninsula and its historic attractions by jeep. Our experience drivers offer fun and informative tours. You can choose between a 3-hour group jeep safari and a 7-hour group jeep safari or choose to have a private jeep safari tour with an itinerary tailored to your preferences. We also offer a 10-hour jeep safari and boat trip for people who like exploring both the rocky cliffs and the amazing waters.

Depending on the tour you choose you can visit different attractions. Some of which are:

  • Avakas Gorge
  • Adonis Baths Waterfalls
  • Lara Bay
  • Sea Caves
  • Baths of Aphrodite
  • Blue Laggon
  • Manolis Bay
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Quad and Buggy Bike Safari Tours

If you are in search of an even more adventurous experience the self-drive guided safari tour is for you. You can choose between a single or double quad or a 2-seater buggy bike and your preferred tour. A 4-seater buggy can also be arranged for families with small children. The self-drive quad or buggy bike tours are done in groups with an experienced guide.

Our tours differ in terms of duration, stops and destinations. We offer a 3-hour self-drive safari, a 5-hour self-drive safari, and a 7-hour self-drive safari which also includes a boat trip.

During a quad or buggy bike safari tour you can visit some of the following attractions of the Akamas Peninsula:

  • Latsi
  • Pirgos tis Rigainas
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Lara Bay
  • Akamas Forest
  • Smigies
  • Baths of Aphrodite
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Blue Lagoon Rides

We offer rides to Blue Lagoon and back for people who want to spend a day swimming and enjoying the translucent waters. Check the timetable to find the times that fit your plans.

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Do you offer customized safari tours or private group bookings?

Yes, we have 3 jeep safari tours with a fixed itinerary, but you can also book a group private jeep safari tour customized to your preferences.

How can I book a safari tour with your company?

You can book a safari tour by contacting us through our website, via email at [email protected], or by calling us at +357 26000204.

Do you provide car seats for infants and young children during your safari tours?

Yes, everyone’s safety is our top priority, and we can provide car seats for small children upon request. Please inform us in advance about the age of the child so that we can arrange the appropriate car seat for your little one.

What should I wear and bring for the quad and buggy safari tours?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities as well as swimwear. It is better to wear trainers and have sandals with you to be more comfortable. Moreover, do not forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, water, refreshing drinks and a camera to capture the memorable moments during the tour.

What safety measures are in place during the safari tours?

Your safety is our number one priority. This is why our drivers for the jeep safari tours are very professional and experienced in driving on the local terrain. Moreover, we provide safety equipment such as helmets for quad and buggy self-drive tours. Of course, we make sure our vehicles are well-maintained and safe to drive and we take all necessary precautions, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.



A great experience! We loved our day out at Akamas with the jeep safari. It felt so safe and the driver made stops so that we could take pictures of the beautiful Akamas peninsula.


We chose the baggy safari tour experience and had a great time. We loved how everyone in our group followed the guide and how safe everything was. We visited the different attractions of Akamas Peninsula and discovered its flora and fauna.


One of the best experiences of my life! We joined the quad safari tour, and it was amazing. The views were breathtaking and the dive in the water after driving in the sun was ideal. We felt safe throughout the day. The Safari Cyprus team is very professional and helpful.


The Cyprus Safari jeep tour was amazing. Our driver/guide was super and gave us interesting information. It was also nice meeting the other people in our group.

exploring nature through jeep safari tours in paphos
Exploring Nature Through Jeep Safari Tours in Paphos

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea full of beautiful landscapes and hidden marvels. With the help of Safari Cyprus, you can explore all the geographical wonders around Paphos and travel beyond the sun-soaked beaches and all the charming villages. You can also have a tour around the captivating rock formations while exploring nature through jeep safari tours in Paphos.

quad and buggy bike safaris for nature lovers in cyprus
Quad and Buggy Bike Safaris for Nature Lovers in Cyprus

Usually, when people think of Cyprus, the first thing that comes to mind is the clear blue beaches and the warm sun perfect for sunbathing. While the island’s most beautiful feature is the amazing coastal beauty, there is also another part of Cyprus that tourists never really pay attention to. For people who love nature, it is only suitable to experience the quad and buggy bike safaris in Cyprus and have the opportunity to explore all the island’s ecological treasures. So, if you are interested in exploring Cyprus’s nature, wildlife, and landscapes then this blog might be for you.

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Historically, boats were one of the first means of transportation invented, before the wheel. They were used for travel, commerce, fishing etc. The oldest boat was found in the Netherlands dating back to 8200-7600 BC. It is named the “Pesse Canoe” and was created with the trunk of a tree.